Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wild Bunch Shooters....

Miss Cubbie's Model 12 with the Old West-Buster 
was "slicked up" by Pecos Clyde. Visit his page
here to schedule yours today!

Attention Wild Bunch Shooters.....

Add the Old West-Buster to your Model 12 or '97
and recover precious seconds for a better score. 
It tames the "kick" to a gentle "push" and keeps
 you on target for faster repetitive shots.

Call Gunstock Smith or Miss Cubbie to 
get your's tamed down today!


Friday, July 6, 2012

The Tonic Kid in Action....

My name is Tonic Kid, SASS #70340, and I am a cowboy action shooter. First of all, let me say, I am not one of the top shooters in the USA, or a world champion. However, being competitive is my nature, and I enjoy shooting as fast as I can. A good friend of mine named Brother King wrote about how he purchased Ken Rucker’s Old West Buster recoil system by Speedbump Stockworks for his TTN shotgun and how wonderful it was. 
Initially, I had no interest in the recoil system, mainly due to the price. Placing a recoil system that costs almost as much as the gun did not make a whole lot of sense to me being the level of shooter I am. Let me explain. I have two kids, run my own business, travel with a Southern Gospel singing group and there is always some activity going on. I don’t have time to practice my shooting, my vision is not as good as it use to be, and my hands don’t work as well as they use to. As I mentioned, initially, I had no serious interest in the recoil system.

Then something Brother King told me about the system really appealed to me. He told me due to the reduced recoil with the Old West Buster system he was not having as many shoulder problems. I myself have degenerative discs in my neck which lead to neck, back and shoulder pain. I also have a partial tear in my rotator cuff in my right shoulder. Due to the constant recoil of the shotgun, usually at a two day shooting match, by day two, my back is out of alignment hurting, my neck is hurting, and my shoulder is hurting. (I don’t even attempt to shoot shotgun side matches.) So, I have to take pain medication at the end of the shooting day and see a doctor, and or, chiropractor when I get back from the shooting event. It is a vicious and costly cycle. So, less pain and damage to my body was appealing, along with not having to pay a doctor or chiropractor.

But, I wanted to try an Old West Buster system already installed on a shotgun. I made contact with Miss Cubbie, AKA Carolyn Rucker at Speedbump Stockworks in regards to trying one of the shotguns, but they are in San Antonio, TX and I was in Norman, OK, so logistics was a problem. Carolyn asked me if I knew Goatneck Clem. I had met Goatneck on several occasions, and shot with him before. Carolyn asked me if I was going to shoot at LandRun in Oklahoma City in a couple of weeks. I told her I was, and she informed me Goatneck was going to be there and had Old West Buster systems on all of his shotguns. She also informed me if I liked the system, I could give my stock to Goatneck and he would deliver it to her. She also said she would deliver the completed stock to me at a match two weeks later.

At LandRun I contacted Goatneck about shooting one of his shotguns. He was more than willing to allow me to do so. The shotgun I shot was an SKB, which is considerably lighter than the TTN I shoot, so I knew there would be more recoil. I shot the shotgun with the shells I compete with, not someone else’s light loads. I could not believe how much LESS recoil there was. I was impressed immediately. Goatneck measured the length of pull I needed and took my stock. I was very concerned about not getting my stock back by the next match. I do not have a back up shotgun. At the next match, Miss Cubbie delivered my stock as promised. I put the Old West Buster to the test. I shot the shotgun side matches repeatedly. The next day, I had no pain in my neck, back, or shoulder and my follow up shots with my shotgun were also faster.

I cannot speak more highly of Ken and Carolyn Rucker at Speedbump Stockworks and the Old West Buster recoil system. It works, and the customer service you receive is the best. If you are thinking about having a system installed on your shotgun, stop thinking and do it. You will not be disappointed. 

Sunday, May 1, 2011

SASS World Champion Goatneck Clem

SASS Shooters love it... Ken Rucker's Auto-Buster(tm) Dual Spring Recoil Reduction System installed on the butt of your shotgun and covered by a custom leather boot, giving you the comfort and competitive edge you need to WIN, WIN, WIN !!

It's the Old West-Buster (tm) by Speedbump Stockworks.  Take a look at our photos and shooter comments and call us to get your very own Old West-Buster and shoot to WIN!!! Then get some great photos and send them to us at for all the world to see what you and your Old West-Buster can do! 
Call Ken at 903-815-6535
"Gunstock Smith" SASS #85579
Carolyn 903-209-5074
"Miss Cubbie" SASS #84627
for an appointment and/or 
shipping information please call
To read the SASS Cowboy Chronicle article about the Old West-Buster by Dana Farrell, click here.

Panhandle Cowgirl says.....

Panhandle Cowgirl
SASS #77924 (alias Stephanie Logan) says:

"The reduced recoil from my shotgun seems like 
more than 40%. Now I don't have to worry about 
finding Featherweight shells.

The reduced recoil means quicker reloading between shots. My friends used to tell me that I flinched and now they tell me that "I've mastered the shotgun." Three or four friends have told me that.

My shotgun went from being my worst gun to being my best gun. The shotgun is the one that can make or break you. It's the one that wins matches for you.

My 9 year old son hates shotguns - he won't even shoot a 410 - but he went out with my Old West-Buster and HE LOVES IT!! He shot two boxes of shells and didn't want to stop. Before that he wouldn't shoot it at all.

No more bruises when I shoot two boxes of shells. 
Now I'm not bruised at all...I LOVE IT!!!"
Update from Panhandle Cowgirl.....

Tanner and I went to Albuquerque to the SASS World Championships, End of Trail. I am 18th in the world for women and 5th in my age category. Tanner is 5th in Junior Boys. We are both on the World Championship Team and came home with 2 buckles each!             (July, 2010)

Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Old West-Buster is the only "SASS legal" recoil reduction system!

Old West-Buster without a leather boot
Goatneck Clem SASS #16787
(alias Fred Bursey, Jr.) says:

"The biggest difference in my shooting with Ken Rucker's Old West-Buster is second shot acquisition. It gets you there quicker, which is a tremendous advantage in the most competitive categories where times are critical."

Available only at:
Speedbump Stockworks

Please call for shipping 

Ken - 903-815-6535
Carolyn - 903-209-5074